FAQs 2017-05-21T22:55:07-04:00
What is pump sprayer application rate for lawns? Label says 4oz per 1000 sqft, but also says 32 oz bottle covers 3,200 sqft. 2017-05-21T22:47:26-04:00

Yes with a pump up sprayer it will go longer than 3,200 square feet. With the hose end sprayer you use more volume because you wash the product into the root zone while it is connected to the hose. A pump up sprayer is foliar feeding and it goes much further. We apologize for the confusion with the directions. Use 4oz per 1000 sqft with a pump up sprayer. If it was used with a hose end connection sprayer then the dial should be set on 3 oz.

What is Micro Booster derived from? 2017-05-21T22:46:05-04:00

It is derived from: Magnesium Lignosulphonate, Zinc Lignosulphonate, Iron Lignosulphonate, and Manganese Lignosulphonate

Is there any time frame you should wait, or does it not matter if rain is forecast in the next day or so from applying products? 2017-05-21T22:33:25-04:00

We recommend avoiding applying before a heavy rain so it is not flushed out of the root system. A light rainfall the next day is fine. If you are unsure how heavy the rainfall may be then just apply after the rainy day to be safe. In the following weeks be sure to keep your lawn watered very well. It is so important for a lawns health and if a lawn is dehydrated it will not absorb the available nutrients. Thank you and please always reach out to us if you have any questions!

Can the same bottle be refilled? 2017-05-21T22:30:09-04:00

Rinse out the sprayer head before storing to prevent product from drying inside and clogging the sprayer. Also, I would only recommend refilling with the same product. If other formulas are mixed with Green Booster it may cause a clumping/hardening reaction and it will be too thick to spray through the sprayer.

Can you use this product at the same time with weed killer product? 2017-05-21T22:26:48-04:00

Yes, use the weed killer 14-30 days before and you may apply Green Booster on a test area before entire lawn application. Keep in mind the weed killer will change the appearance of the lawn (dull, yellow, dead looking areas). The Green Booster will help speed up the process of this weed killer but it may be hard/ take longer to see the results of the Green Booster while using a weed killer because of this.

It seems three products are recommended, green booster, lawn food, growth booster & lawn energizer. Should all three used in the same application? 2017-05-21T22:23:44-04:00

Yes, you may apply all on the same day, one right after the other. Apply the Lawn Food first then the Boosters after. Great Question. Thank you for asking.

How much area covered by one bottle? 2017-05-21T22:19:38-04:00

The bottle will cover up to 3,200 square feet.

I bought the food and the booster. Do I apply the food first? How long do I wait before applying the booster? When can I expect to see results? 2017-04-23T22:59:39-04:00

Yes, you apply the Lawn Food then the Lawn Booster. You can apply them one right after the other, on the same day. There are a couple of factors that determine the length of time when you see results. The current condition of your lawn, the condition of your soil, weather and previous products that were placed on your lawn are some of the factors. Lawn Food for Fall/Winter works on your root system and will create a stronger lawn over time. Green Booster will help your lawn absorb existing nutrients in your soil that may be dormant, it then moves the nutrients through the plant cells. It will make your lawn produce chlorophyll which intensifies the greening with sunlight. Some can see Green Booster starting to work within a few days and others it takes more time because it is working on the soil.

Is it safe as a seed starter? 2017-05-21T22:50:27-04:00

Yes, it is a safe seed starter. However, do not place it on the seed directly. We recommend treating the area where the seed will be planted first. Then spread seed in the treated area. Then lightly rake in the seed after the seed has been spread. Lightly wet seed.
Also, once the seed takes root we recommend our Growth Booster, which will be available for sale in about 10 days! The growth booster has a high fulvic acid and will encourage faster growth. 

Will this help yellow dog spots? 2017-05-21T22:33:45-04:00

No, the Green Booster will help yellowing when it is due to a nutrient deficiency or a chlorophyll deficiency. Dog urine will cause that area to have an overabundance of Ammoniacal Nitrogen which will cause yellowing.

Is it safe to use in areas that have just been seeded? 2017-05-21T22:31:23-04:00

We would recommend our Growth Booster over our Green Booster on areas that have just been seeded. It will help speed up the seed germination. Once the seed starts to sprout and grass is growing you may then apply the Green Booster.

Do you apply this with a garden hose? Do you have to soak an area or can you quickly spray so I don’t waste water? 2017-05-21T22:30:59-04:00

Yes you may apply with a garden hose. The product was designed to be applied in a quick time frame so you will have to move quickly while spraying. This will also help you to not waste water.

Can I use Green Booster in a yard that has a septic system? 2017-05-21T22:30:32-04:00

Yes, it will mainly stay in your root zone when used as directed.

Will it burn grass if used with another treatment? 2017-05-21T22:29:09-04:00

Green Booster, applied alone or with our Simple Lawn Solutions line, will not burn grass when used as directed. If you are concerned to apply with another product we recommend applying 14 days after the first product is used and testing an area before covering entire lawn.

When do I apply this? I am using this stuff in conjuncture with Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer for Spring and Summer 20-4-8 SR Bio NPK Concentrate 2017-05-21T22:28:30-04:00

You would apply the lawn food first then you would apply the booster. Keep your lawn watered sufficiently until your next application.

New house, new sod with a drip line. The new sod has been established for about five mo. Is it ok to water after applying? 2017-05-21T22:27:16-04:00

Yes, you can. Just do not apply too much water so it does not wash away from the root zone.

When should I apply Green Booster? 2017-05-21T22:24:23-04:00

This product is best-applied 2 days before or after mowing the lawn. We highly recommend not applying between the hours of 11AM-2PM on excessively hot dry days.

Can you add grass seeds to this in order to reseed and fertilize at the same time, essentially creating a hydro-seeding system? 2017-04-23T22:49:57-04:00

No, this is not recommended in concentrate. Once seed is down you can spray this over seed, but not in the concentrated form.

Can I spray my trees and bushes with Green Booster? 2017-04-23T22:49:32-04:00

Yes, it is safe to spray hardy strong tree leaves and hardy bushes. We do recommend avoiding young delicate plants or flowers.

What are the ingredients in this product. A soil sample indicates I need manganese and 15-0-15 fertilizer? 2017-04-23T22:48:52-04:00

The Guaranteed Minimum Analysis is:
Maganese (chelated) (Mn)………………….3.000%
Molybdenum as (Mo)………………………..0.080%
Sugar (W/W)………………………………..15.000%
Derived from Manganese Glucoheptonate, Sodium
Molybedate, Complex Carbohydrates
For you we would recommend our Simple Lawn Solutions: Lawn Food 20-4-8. It has a slow release Nitrogen.

Will these products stain sidewalks when applying? 2017-04-23T22:48:14-04:00

We would recommend rinsing off driveway or sidewalks if the product gets sprayed there because it may stain. You can also turn the nozzle to just water so it is more convenient to rinse the sidewalk or driveway while applying.

Can I use half of Green Enhancing Booster and store it? 2017-04-23T22:47:24-04:00

Our recommendation is to use the entire bottle in a single application. If this is not possible you can use half the product and store it. If you do store it we highly recommend before storage rinsing out the RTU spray nozzle to avoid product hardening inside and preventing water to flow through the next time it is used.

How long does it take before you see results from applying Green Enhancing Booster? 2017-04-23T22:46:44-04:00

There are a couple of factors that determine the length of time when you see results. The current condition of your lawn, the condition/nutrients in your soil, weather/rain/sunlight exposure and previous products that were placed on your lawn are some of the factors. Green Booster will help your lawn absorb existing nutrients in your soil that may be dormant, it then moves the nutrients through the plant cells. It will then make your lawn produce chlorophyll which intensifies the greening as it is exposed to more sunlight. Some can see visual results of Green Booster within a few days but others it takes more time because it is working in the soil, moving nutrients through the plant cell, producing chlorophyll and greening with sunlight.

Will Green Enhancing Booster kill weeds? 2017-04-23T22:45:56-04:00

No this product will not kill weeds. If weeds are a problem or a concern we recommend that you apply a granular weed and feed and then spray Green Booster over the weed and feed application. This product is not weed killer. However, this product is designed to raise your soil health after each application. With repeat applications your soil health will improve. As your soil health improves weeds tend to not like healthy soil and the weed problem will slowly decline. Your turf will eventually grow strong and thick, which will choke out weed. Keep in mind weeds are natures defense to populate weak soils with vegetation. Our nutritional packages will eventually only reduce weed problems, but until we would recommend using a weed killer if you want to reduce your weed problem from the start and as you use more of our material you will find less need for weed and feed materials.

Will Green Enhancing Booster help yellow or browning areas? 2017-04-23T22:45:08-04:00

Yes, this product helps to bring lawn back to a healthy state, which evens out yellow or light browning areas that are caused by a nutrient deficiency. If this does not help the browning or yellow then the grass may have fungal issues or the grass is dead and it is not a nutrient deficiency. This product is not a fungicide and you will need a fungicide to help this and this product will not bring back grass from the dead. However, if the browning is caused by a nutrient deficiency and the browning occurs on the tips or edges of the blade then this product will help the blade grow out and eventually you will clip the brown areas that are dead into the lawn and the clippings can be used as mulch.

How long do I wait to water my lawn after applying both the growth and green booster? 2017-05-21T22:06:27-04:00

You may water the next day and keep your lawn sufficiently watered until you apply the product again next month. If you have any questions about your individual lawn and which products would be best, please always feel free to reach out to us directly.

Can this be applied on unfed St. Augustine sod on the month of may in central Florida? 2017-04-23T22:42:29-04:00

Yes, it can. If you have any questions about your individual lawn and which products would be best, please always feel free to reach out to us directly.

When do i apply this? Before Rain? After rain? When to water? 2017-05-21T22:05:31-04:00

Hello, Try to apply at least 24 hours before rain to allow the product to be absorbed. After you may continue with your current watering schedule. Just make sure your lawn is receiving 1-2 inches of water per week.

Approximately how many gallons of water are used per bottle? 2017-05-21T22:05:10-04:00

It is approximately 3 oz per gallon 32 oz /3 = 10.7 gallons for 3200 ft 2 or About 3.3 gallon per 1000 ft2.

Is it ok to spray on newly planted fescue sod? 2017-05-21T22:04:13-04:00

Yes, it is.

Can all the four options (lawn booster, lawn energizer, lawn food, green booster) be applied on the same day? What is the rule? 2017-05-21T22:03:24-04:00

Yes, apply the Lawn Food first then the boosters. They can be applied all on the same day, one after the other. Great question. Thank you for asking.

How often should I use the booster on my lawn? 2017-05-21T22:02:53-04:00

You may use Growth Booster once a month on your lawn.

Best grass seed for alkali ground 2017-05-21T22:02:04-04:00

We recommend going to a local seed supplier for that information. We only specialize in fertilizer.

Can I use it in May or June? 2017-05-21T22:01:36-04:00

Yes it can.

How soon should i apply the growth booster after i have applied the lawn food? 2017-05-21T22:01:19-04:00

You may apply the Growth Booster right after you apply the lawn food on the same day.

Will this product make grass grow in dead spots on the law? Does any other product need to be used in conjunction with this one? 2017-05-21T22:00:30-04:00

Great question! No unfortunately, if a once living plant cell is dead it cannot be brought back to life.
This product will help new seed/sod have a healthy soil environment for root development. It will also help fill in thin areas if your grass is a crawling variety. If it is a crawling variety it will grow as long as the grass that is thin does not have a condition such as a PH irregularity, chemical spill, salt issue, or disease.

Can this be used without a garden hose? (Hand water) 2017-05-21T21:59:00-04:00

On the back it has instructions and application rates for using different types of sprayers.

Will this product stain my concrete or home siding? 2017-05-21T21:58:26-04:00

Please avoid fences, concentrate and all house exterior. Product may stain.

Is the bottle refillable? 2017-05-21T21:58:01-04:00

You can unscrew the sprayer and refill the bottle. Just rinse it out really well if you are storing it in between uses to avoid the product hardening inside the sprayer and clogging it.

Given our water restrictions in drought-stricken California, could this product benefit our lawn? We can water only 2x per week for 20 minutes. 2017-05-21T21:57:32-04:00

As long as your lawn gets one inch of water per week. A dehydrated lawn will not absorb the nutrients available in the fertilizer.

I’m reseeding quite a bit of my yard. Will this help promote seed growth or do I wait until the grass is growing? 2017-05-21T21:57:04-04:00

Yes, this will help seed growth. The Humic/Fulvic acid will help the seed germinate. Lightly apply over the seed.

Can you cover Johnathan greens fast growth seed with this product? 2017-05-21T21:56:38-04:00

Yes, apply lightly over seeded area. You may also use this product in a pump up sprayer (ratio directions are on the back label) this method may make it easier to spray a smaller seeded area.

Can this be used on Mondo grass? 2017-05-21T21:56:05-04:00

Yes, you can use this with Mondo grass. 

Would this grow in a small backyard in Hawaii? 2017-05-21T21:55:38-04:00

Yes, it will help a mature lawn grow and help new sod or new seeding germinate faster. If you have any specific lawn questions please always feel free to reach out to us directly and we are here to help!

Can you use this product on St. Augustine grass? 2017-05-21T21:54:52-04:00

Yes, you may. If you have any questions about your individual lawn and which products would be best, please always feel free to reach out to us directly. 

Can this be used in central Texas for new zoysia sod? 2017-05-21T21:53:59-04:00

Yes, most definitely. The Fulvic acid and high organic matter in this product is excellent for starting roots. After grass is laid down, evenly spray over the top of the grass and water into root zone. Do not apply additional fertilizers for at least 30 days after laying sod & spraying Growth Booster to help start roots. If grass is yellowing a bit after 30 days use Simple Lawn Solutions: Green booster with Lawn Energizer.

Can i apply both the green booster and growth booster together, or should they be put on different days or spaced out? 2017-05-21T21:52:54-04:00

Yes, you may apply them on the same day, one right after the other.

If i’m going to apply liquid weed killer (ortho) to my lawn should I apply it before or after booster and how long of an interval should I wait? 2017-05-21T21:52:16-04:00

You should apply before the Booster and wait at least 7-10 days before the Booster. Keep in mind once the booster is applied it will help intensify the results of the weed killer but you want to give the weed killer at least 7-10 days before applying nutrients. If you have any lawn questions about your individual lawn and which products would be best, please always feel free to reach out to us directly. We are here to help!

How long does the grass take to grow and does it work on spots that does not have grass? 2017-05-21T21:51:52-04:00

Great question. This is a plant nutritional product. As soon as you grass intakes it will start using the nutrients where it is needed most. Sometimes root, sometimes vertical, sometimes lateral. Visual may not be evident immediately but uptake will occur within several days. For visual or measured growth it take varying times in warmer weather will be faster, in cooler weather will be slower, in sunny conditions will be faster and when adequate water is in soil will be faster. Growth will occur before the visual eye notices. You should notice a healthier grass within a few days.

Making grass grow where none exists can only happen if there is grass seed in that area or if the grass is a crawling variety. If it is a crawling variety it will grow as long as the soil that is bare does not have a condition that caused the bare spot in the first place such as a PH irregularity, chemical spill, salt issue, or disease.